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Mulligan Stew

Verse 1:
The politicians get your goat
And stew it up to buy your vote;
And that, my friend, is all she wrote
Concerning mulligan stew.

You'll swallow anything you're fed -
You need an implant for your head -
But what you're going to get instead
Is good old mulligan stew.

Verse 2:
Donald Trump and Vlad Poo-ten -
I've been screwed by lesser men -
It's just I can't remember when...
...I dine on mulligan stew.

Heave ho and up she rises,
Flies in the buttermilk, what'll I do?
Skip to the lou and up she rises,
Heave ho mulligan stew.

Verse 3:
Every time we rendezvous
I love her, and she loves you,
And you love bowls of mulligan stew,
Good old mulligan stew.

Verse 4:
Standing by my bank in Prague
With my goldfish and my dog,
Living so high on the hog -
High on mulligan stew.

Verse 5:
Does any man deserve his fate
Because his brain is out of date?
Just let it go - it's far too late -
And eat your mulligan stew.

Repeat Break:

-- C. C. Thistlethwaite

Mulligan Stew © D.M. Wideman, 2003

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