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What is The Society of Metaphysicians and Roofers?

The Society of Metaphysicians and Roofers is an organization with no discernable structure, no constitution, no officers, and no dues. Due to attrition and lack of recruitment, only a handful of members are living today.

In order to become a member, one must be a philosopher who has wondered about roofing, or a roofer who has wondered about philosophy, or an ordinary person who has wondered about roofing and philosophy.

The important thing is to live in a state of wonder. The surest indicator of membership is when one is not sure whether one is a member or not, that is, when one wonders about it.

For more perspective, see C.C. Thistlethwaites's poem, The Song of the Society of Metaphysicians and Roofers.

None of the Judges of the Supreme Court of Canada, pictured above, have publicly acknowledged membership in the Society.
The public acknowledgment of membership immediately confirms non-membership.